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Like many Persian families in London, most of my childhood memories were made around the dinner table, where household dishes become life-long favourites – every Persian will tell you that their mum’s cooking is the best! with Madar Restaurant we’re hoping to give you the same feeling.

So why not reserve a table with us and enjoy the fine Persian cuisine with your family and loved ones.

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Our Menu.

fresh from the kitchen



Yoghurt mixed with cucumber and herbs


Mirza Ghasemi

Grilled aubergine, garlic, eggs and tomato

Main Courses.

Chelo Kabab Koubideh

Two skewers of minced baby lamb, served grilled tomato



Special iranian stew served with Nan bread

Salad Shirazi

Chopped onion, cucumber, tomato, herbs and lemon juice


Stuffed vine leaves with rice and spices

Chelo Kabab Barg

One skewer of tender baby lamb fillet, served grilled tomato

Chelo Khoresht Gheime(Also availabe for vegetarian)


Mixed pickled vegetables

Mixed Mazeh Platter

Collection of 5 Hot and Cold Starters

Chelo Joojeh Kabab(fillet)

One skewer of tender chicken fillet, served with grilled tomato

Chelo Khoresht Bamieh(Also availabe for vegetarian)


proffesional duty


We’re located in Finchley Central, London less than 2 minutes walking distance from the Finchley Central Station


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We provide you with a range of drinks including Special Persian yugort drink (DOOGH) and range of Iranian tea.